Data-Mine existing seismic data to enable the lightest seismic monitoring solution

Highlight subsurface dynamic, using only one surface seismic source/receiver pair

Our Solution

In a nutshell, SpotLight provides reservoir/production engineers with a dynamic detection of subsurface changes on strategic subsurface areas (spots*) using seismic measurement (without any limitations regarding distance from wells). SpotLight’s innovation relies on the survey design and data processing, so that the acquisition is easy and requires standard equipment.

*a spot corresponds to a 50 – 300m in lateral direction and 5 – 30m as vertical resolution area (which may vary with the local geology).

latest news

SPE 2021 x Paper #2

SPE 2021 x Paper #2

Victoria Brun presented the paper ‘Aplicability of an Innovative and Light Seismic Approach to Monitor SAGD Operations in Surmont: A Blind Test’ at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Dubai, UAE, September 2021.

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SpotLight x First Break

SpotLight x First Break

Breaking the seismic 4D ‘image’ paradigm of seismic monitoring. Habib Al Khatib, Yessine Boubaker and Elodie Morgan present a focused 4D seismic monitoring method that predicts the optimal source and receivers’ location for the monitoring of strategic areas.

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A magic recipe based on a simple idea and made of great ambition, courage, a zest of ingenuity, hard work and fun, that is my vision of Spotlight and their accomplishment. This is just the beginning of a wonderful adventure!

Salvador Rodriguez, technical committee & board member

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