Data-Mine existing seismic data to enable the only simulation driven monitoring solution

Highlight subsurface dynamic, using only one surface seismic source/receiver pair

Conventional subsurface monitoring solutiona aren't fit for CCS/CCUS

Common senses Old school geophysicist sentences:

“All model are wrong… Some are usefull”

“The value of full 4D seismic lies in surprises”

We believe the above sentences aren’t acceptable for CCS/CCUS monitoring and more generally for 2023 subsurface monitoring.

Avoid surprises

We believe we should provide timely warning of containment and conformance anomalies.

As CO2 injection is generating a fast & strong 4D seismic response, it could be monitored very frequently. 

Monitor the model & the identified risks

With frequent focus seismic measurements we are monitoring the predicted CO2 behaviour and the identified risks to detect any missmatch between forecast & measurement in order to provide early warnings.

Predictive maintenance

This is what we called predictive maintenance :

Monitoring frequently the reservoir with an agile, cost effective & environmentally viable & acceptable solution, we can provided early warnings of CO2 containment issues and trigger ontime Verification method methods like full 4D surveys.

Because full 4D isn’t frequent enough to be a monitoring technology for CCS and should be used when you know you have a problem (ie a surprise). 

Our Solution

Consulting for MMV planning

Qualify the field for predictive maintenance

Build a predictive maintenance model

Assess cost & environmental impact

Support permitting application

Predictive maintenance as a service is only providing

the data you need,

where you need it,

when you need it.

In a nutshell, SpotLight provides reservoir/production engineers with a dynamic detection of subsurface changes on strategic subsurface areas (spots) using seismic measurement (without any limitations regarding distance from wells). SpotLight’s innovation relies on the survey design and data processing, so that the acquisition is easy and requires standard equipment.

latest news

GET22 – the Hague- EAGE

GET22 – the Hague- EAGE

Greensand Focused Seismic Monitoring for Offshore CO2 Pilot Injection Paper presented at the GET 22 The Hague, Netherland, October 2022, presented by A. Szabados1. Written by: A. Szabados1, H. Al Khatib2, N. Ahmad3, K. Dominek3, O. Burachok4, T. Roth 4, N. H....

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EAGE Madrid – Carbone Capture Storage monitoring

EAGE Madrid – Carbone Capture Storage monitoring

CO2 injection detection using light time-lapse seismic monitoring Paper presented at the EAGE Annual 2022 - Madrid, Spain, June 2022, presented by Victoria Brun. Written by:  V. Brun1, J. Costa De Sousa1, E. Morgan1 - 1 SpotLight Abstract Carbon...

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A magic recipe based on a simple idea and made of great ambition, courage, a zest of ingenuity, hard work and fun, that is my vision of Spotlight and their accomplishment. This is just the beginning of a wonderful adventure!

Salvador Rodriguez, technical committee & board member

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