Consulting for MMV planning
Predictive maintenance

Building a cost effective & operationally viable MMV plan for CO2 storage surveillance is paramount!

In our consultancy offer, we can help our client designing a “predictive maintenance” MMV plan that will also be environmentally & socially acceptable for long term CCS surveillance.

Integrating existing data & scooting for local equipment/acquisition providers, we can built a fit for purpose focus seismic monitoring plan taking into account the cost, operability, acceptability & footprint that can be included into FID and/or permit application.



During CCS project Design & permitting
A predictive maintenance strategy allows to divide the monitoring cost by 10.

Adding it to the permit application is also a differentiating element with respect to regulator approval.



Ease project acceptability
Environment : with almost no footprint, predictive maintenance is also socially & operationally more acceptable for the public and from a regulator perspective.



Build a predictive maintenance model.

Assess cost & environmental impact.

Support permit application.

Qualification of the field for predictive maintenance.



MMV plans
Equipment/acquisition provider qualification.

Budget assessment.

Impact & acceptability assessment.

Reports ready to be included in permitting application.

Monitoring as a Service:

“Predictive maintenance” is all about frequent monitoring on strategic areas. These areas will evolve in space along calendar time. Agility is the number one advantage of the solution that can be implemented within a few days to quickly check the presence of CO2 into an area or perform overburden local checks.

As part of this service, we can in just a few days data mine the existing data to identify any time anywhere the optimal source/receivers locations to detect a reliable change, supervise acquisition (outsource to a local partner) and process the data to extract information about changes. The purpose of this monitoring as a service is to provide the insurance that the model is matching the seismic measurement or provide the early warnings of anomalies that will required additional investigation (including sometime a full 4D survey).


Data mining

Few days

Subsurface is data rich : SpotLight mines existing data provided by the client in order to identify the ideal positions for the monitoring equipment.


Outsourced to local partners

Land or marine 1-2 days


A local provider performs the acquisition of a simple but targeted set of data, under the supervision of SpotLight.

Equipments are standard, parameters defined by the data mining

Demonstrated onshore & offshore



1 day

Radar signal processing is used to detect CO₂ presence.

Characterization of changes are possible (Patent 3)


Predictive maintenance

Traffic light system client — 1 day

Client quickly integrates detection and turn them into actions

Expected results are known before detection (predictive maintenance)

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