CCS revenues in 2022

Projects performed


Carbone Capture
Storage Monitoring

2022 – CCS – MARINE

Greensand Project

SpotLight had been selected as the monitoring solution for the CCS GreenSand Pilot offshore Denmark. One of the biggest EU CCS project let by INEOS & Wintershall DEA.

7 sources (600cui) & 16 receivers (nodes) location where designed to monitor the injection with 3 offshore campaign in 3 monts ! A first in the industry !

2022 – CCUS – LAND

WhiteCap Ressources

Conformance project

Detection of 18 Spots to validate a flow model prediction

High permeability pathway

Detection of 20 Spots to identify a high CO2 permeability parthway.

 Work presented at SPE CCUS conference in Calgary

2022 – CCS – PEM

Petro Elastic modeling

To support full field monitoring with Seismic, SpotLight performed CCS petro elastic modeling.

2022 – CCS – Offshore

Collaboration with Technip Energies

To support the C-Hub concept adding a onboard CCS monitoring system

2022 – UGS – LAND

Gas storage monitoring in France

Collaboration with Sercel & Storengy to test operational light monitoring solutions. 

2020 -2021 – UGS – LAND

Gas storage monitoring in France

CITEPH Innovation project with: ENGIE, Schlumberger, Technip Energies, IFPEN, BRGM, SERCEL,  Storengy & Geostock and Region Ile de France


2019 – LAND – UGS

Gas storage monitoring in the Vienna basin

Results had been showed in the EAGE 2020 Online edition

SAGD, and O&G Monitoring

2019-2020-2021-2022 – LAND – SAGD

Several projects on Surmont area (Heavy oil, Canada). Steam injection monitoring

Several publications had been made


2021 – 2022 – LAND – SAGD Steam monitoring project in Oman

SpotLight had been selected into the SparkLabs Energy Accelerator cohort II and is now working on a SAGD monitoring project.

One publication was made


2019-2020 Project in Argentina – O&G – LAND



2018 Project in Uganda – O&G -LAND

(survey design)


2018 – Demonstrator of the technology for SAGD monitoring using continuous permanent seismic RAW data in Canada (Seismovie)


2022 – MARINE

Offshore Norway

Water injection monitoring

2019 – MARINE – O&G 

Project in Ivory Cost

Offshore for compartmentalization (Survey design)


Other Geophysical Monitoring

2022 – Bridge active seismic monitoring  – LAND

(project GeoPont)


2022 – LAND – AI

ARNDA project

Combining artificial intelligence with geophysical monitoring  for Nuclear storage Non destructive control

2022 – LAND – Dam 

Study on synthetic seismic 

Analysis of synthetic seismic of a Dam

2019- LAND – Construction – Tunnel monitoring 

Pilot project to test a permanent seismic source capability in an urban environment 


Our Awards




Rising star award

Poeple’s choice award


France Relance – ARDNA

AI & geophysics for Non Destructive Control


France Relance – Géoponts

Active seismic bridge integrity monitoring



DeepTech French National Innovation major award



DeepTech Label allowing BPI convertible bounds


Paris Saclay Spring Innovation Award

Energy transition category


Innov’Up experimentation

Regional innovation award for field experiements



DeepTech innovation national award to support pre-seed stage startups


French Tech Emergence

National grant & label for innovative startups


Lauréat Réseau Entreprendre 

Entrepreneur unions supporting young entreprenarial projects


Lauréat Réseau Entreprendre 

Entrepreneur unions supporting young entreprenarial projects


Incubated at WAI Massy 

BNP Paribas DeepTech incubator

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