They help us evolve from being today’s innovator to tomorrow’s leader in detecting subsurface changes

“We” isn’t limited to a team picture chilling out in a garden, “we” is a complete ecosystem of experienced professionals, each with their own expertise.

“We” is about countless (afterwork) hours of technical, financial and strategic advices.. and, as of the 20th of April 2020, “we” became shareholders!

“We” is a company’s vision where everybody can contribute in their own way.

Ladies and gentlemen, “we” can present you a board made up of senior executives, strategic and technical expert representatives alongside employees.

Thank you to the representative of each college of investors notably Robert Brunck, Lionel Lhommet, Abdullah Al-Shaksy, Salvador Rodriguez, Yessine Boubaker, Elodie Morgan and Habib Al Khatib.

“Alone we go faster, together we go further”

WE are SpotLight.


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“We started this adventure as two fools daring to invest on a simple but apparently clever idea. 3 years after, I am proud to see SpotLight’s board gathering our most trusted collaborators & innovators amongst experts and employees. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better core to pursue on this path as we’ve all participated in proving the cleverness and applicability of the SpotDetection”


“I am proud and honored to be a member of Spotlight ‘s great board committee and a representative of the experts sponsor college. Spotlight is to me the true spirit of what enterpreneurship must be. Their solution is quick and adaptable. I am looking forward to its success”

Abdullah AL-SHAKSY

“It takes a talented team with a singular vision to achieve great things, and I am proud to be joining just such a team at SpotLight Earth as their newest board member”


“A great man once said: ‘who’s more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him/her?’. This was more or less the feedback we got with Elodie when we started SpotLight in 2017…
3 years later, we are expending and delivering. I am proud of what SpotLight is and what the SpotLighters are. On our journey, we gathered a “dream team” made of SpotLighters, experts and top level executives, and seeing them now “onboard” as investors is a pride and a success !”


“In a fast changing world, the most pragmatic ideas are the most likely to make a difference. This perfectly applies to Spotlight’s simple but extremely efficient and cost effective patented solution. I’m very pleased and enthusiastic with the opportunity of working with Spotlight’s young and talented Management Team to build a great success story”

The Spotlighters

(from left to right : Kevin GESTIN, Yessine BOUBAKER, Victoria BRUN, Antoine THOMAS, Julie RISBOURG, Geoffroy BONNEFOUS)

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A few years back we started working together. One survey design done added to 7 months of monitoring in the field, well, the loop is closed : proud to present our 1st scientific paper at #EAGE2020. A warm thank you to our very 1st trusted partner who jumped onboard !

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