CCS/CCUS & SAGD monitoring

Times cheaper than conventional solutions


less CO2 emission


less airgun emission

Times faster

4 key advantages

   Cost effective

    Non invasive solution

   Dynamic detection information away from wells

   Minimal environmental impact

Environmental and

operational gains

(example on offshore acquisition)

Full 4D

(streamer baseline)

(for 3 monitors)

Obstruction area

370 km2

12 km2


33 days

5 days
83% shorter

CO2 emitted

4.500 tons

400 tons
Gain of 91% of CO2 emission

Airgun size

2.040 Cui

600 Cui

Number of shots


98% less airgun shots to water

The insurance to get the data you need, where you need it, when you need it.

The Solution

Operationally speaking, SpotLight’s disruption is to use only one seismic source and one receiver to detect a subsurface change in a given spot (pressure, fluid substitution, temperature, constraints…).

In a nutshell, SpotLight provides reservoir/production engineers with a dynamic detection of subsurface changes on strategic subsurface areas (spots) using seismic measurement (without any limitations regarding distance from wells). SpotLight’s innovation relies on the survey design and data processing, so that the acquisition is easy and requires standard equipment.

Spot Detection

Consultancy for MMV


Building a predictive maintenance MMV plan for CCS/CCUS. Integrate this plan with other MMV technologies. 

Support cost & environmental footprint estimates

This consultancy phase includes the setup phase. 

Setup phase


Gathering existing data (GIS, 2D/3D data, horizons, PEM…) into an harmonized data base, to enable our big data analysis. 

This step can include a feasibility study made of Petro-Elastic Modeling. 

Done only one time per field



 For each focus monitoring campaign: 

Survey design of optimal source & receivers locations to detect each Spot of interest.

Definition of the acquisition parameters

Acquisition of data (outsourced)

Unique signal processing

Detection of changes


Installation & equipment


Done with local provider, using standard equipment, with acquisition parameter & operational model recommended by SpotLight. 

Predictive maintenance

Life of Field

Predictive maintenance is monitoring the models & the identified risk to make sure everything is happening according to plan. By doing frequent & focus seismic detection we can sent to our client  early warnings that are priceless to take ontime better and smarter decisions.

The SpotDetection is a dynamic monitoring tool that enable subsurface predictive maintenance

Use cases

✔ Alternative to an observation well

✔ Connectivity

✔ Heterogeneity

✔ Swept volumes

✔ Flood front tracking

✔ Flood direction and velocity

✔ Pathways

✔ Steam chamber evaluation

Caprock integrity

Conformance optimisation

✔ Pollution

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