CCS (Capture Carbon Storage) predictive maintenance

Data-Mine existing seismic data to enable the only simulation driven monitoring solution

Highlight subsurface dynamic, using only one surface seismic source/receiver pair

CO2 Storage 

Operators and regulators of CO2 storage facilities require a monitoring solution that ensures that CO2 will be stored safely for a very long time. As such, they are looking for a solution that is :

Of high frequency

to avoid surprises and guarantee integrity over the long term


with a limited environmental footprint and a high social acceptance

Cost effective

To sustain 30-60 years of monitoring

Our services

Consulting for MMV planning
Qualify the field for predictive maintenance

Build a predictive maintenance model
Assess cost & environmental impact
Support permitting application

Predictive maintenance as a service is only providing

The data you need,
Where you need it,
When you need it.

Our Solution

In a nutshell, SpotLight provides reservoir/production engineers with a dynamic detection of subsurface changes on strategic subsurface areas (spots) using seismic measurement (without any limitations regarding distance from wells). SpotLight’s innovation relies on the survey design and data processing, so that the acquisition is easy and requires standard equipment.

latest news

Geophysics on an experimental site

Geophysics on an experimental site

Paper presented at the "Journées scientifiques AGAP 2022" - Paris, France , March 2022, and co-written by Jean Luc Mari and Pierre Gaudiani. Abstract APEC (Association Pédagogique et Expérimentale du Cher) has developed an experimental site, situated in the Cher...

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CCS x SpotLight #ProjectGreenSand

CCS x SpotLight #ProjectGreenSand

Project Greensand Receives Funding from EUDP Wednesday afternoon the Danish Energy Agency announced that it will award 197 million DKK to the consortium behind Project Greensand for CCS (carbon capture storage). News Project Greensand is a carbon storage project that...

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Geoconvention 2021 x Paper #5

Geoconvention 2021 x Paper #5

Light time-lapse seismic monitoring for SAGD: a new approach & operational model Paper presented at the Geoconvention 2021 - Virtual, Calgary, Canada , September 2021, and co-written by Victoria Brun, Elodie Morgan, Brad Gerl, Luis Cardozo, Richard Habiak....

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A magic recipe based on a simple idea and made of great ambition, courage, a zest of ingenuity, hard work and fun, that is my vision of Spotlight and their accomplishment. This is just the beginning of a wonderful adventure!

Salvador Rodriguez, technical committee & board member

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