EAGE 2020 : our 1st publication

Extremely proud that our co-founder and CTO, Elodie Morgan presented our 1st paper ‘Focused and Continuous Ultra-Light Seismic Monitoring: A Gas Storage Example’ after months of work and research at the EAGE online 2020 on the 9th of December.


Common appraisal methods for oil and gas reservoir often begin with 3D seismic and exploration wells. These technologies provide spatial recognition along with focused stratigraphy and subsurface resources content. Even though models and simulations predict a reservoir dynamic, measuring this key component in time complements spatial technologies while providing relevant information regarding field optimization. Further intents to go towards continuous monitoring have demonstrated the capability for seismic to detect reliable short-term calendar 4D effects that would be missed by conventional 4D seismic. These techniques have proven efficiency yet remain expensive; this paper presents a new light seismic asset monitoring solution.

An ultra-light continuous monitoring method has been developed to focus on a specific “spot” location defined by reservoir engineer studies. To illuminate a given spot, a seismic spread, composed of one receiver and one source position, is defined by analysis of existing 3D seismic data. This procedure allows for a very high temporal density monitoring tool targeted at a specific reservoir location and is economically attractive.

This production case study gives further understanding about an active gas storage dynamic showing encouraging results for such a light asset monitoring tool and paves the way for focused and continuous seismic monitoring.

Special thanks to the co-authors :

Mikael Garden (OMV), Alexandre Egreteau (OMV), Yessine Boubaker, Kevin Gestin and Jean-Luc Mari.

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