Things are happening in the basement !

Stephanie Harchambois, Alexandre Kazantsev, Frederic Huguet, Kevin Gestin, Remi Dreux, Habib Al-Khatib, Mathilde Adelinet, Mickael Delatre, Raphaël Bouvet, Elodie Morgan, Jean-Pierre Bailly

Stakeholders in the Ile-de-France region combine forces and knowledge to promote the energy transition through a project CITEPH Open Innovation supported by the Région Ile de France.

tagine an exceptional team :
– 2 renowned public and academic research centers – IFP Energies nouvelles/BRGM
-The leader in geophysical equipment – Sercel
-A real experimentation site in Beynes – Storengy – ENGIE
-Leading industrial partners who co-finance and participate in the project – Schlumberger/Storengy – ENGIE/TechnipFMC/ENGIE/Geostock Group/IFP Energies nouvelles
– A deep tech technology – SpotLight Earth

Introducing the SpotCare project!

Objective: Monitoring geological gas storage using the world’s lightest seismic monitoring solution.

SpotLight takes pride in coordinating this innovative project, which has come to fruition thanks to a collaborative ecosystem and the ‘InnovUp Experimentation’ program.

A shared ambition: Demonstrating the feasibility of this approach to pave the way for other types of geological storage (e.g., CO2), which are essential for mitigating climate change.

The subsurface plays a crucial role in the energy transition, and the partners of the SpotCare project are mobilizing their expertise to showcase its potential!